Do you use condoms?

“I don’t like the way they feel. I just cross myself and say, “Please, god, just not AIDS.” “There aren’t penises involved in the sex I have.” “I want to enjoy my sex, and quite frankly it only feels good to me without it. Whatever happens at this point, I don’t give a shit. This world wants to make my sex be shit? Fuck that jazz. If I get an STI, it’s whatevs.” “STIS AND PREGNANCIES ARE NOT ON MY AGENDA. WRAP IT THE FUCK UP!” “MARRIED, MARRIED, MARRIED.” “I have not had any STIs in years and have had no unwanted pregnancies. So I embrace the experience to unravel the “necessary evil” that is the prophylactic condom.” “yes, even on toys.”


You told us... ( Editor’s note: Praying does not reduce health risks):

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