Have you ever been in a polyamorous or open relationship?

You told us... “I’M PRETTY INSECURE. IT WAS FINE WHEN SHE WAS WITH ANOTHER GIRL, BUT I JUST COULDN’T DEAL WITH ANOTHER GUY. TOTAL DOUBLE STANDARD, I KNOW.” “MonogaMous relationships quite honestly are for the Most part a crock of shit, a lie that convinces people that love is treating your partner as a consuMer iteM that you own for the benefit of your ego.” “MAYBE IT’S INTERNALIZED WHOREPHOBIA, BUT I FIND IT DIFFICULT TO BE INTERESTED IN PEOPLE WHO ARE AS EASY AS I AM.” “IT WORKS UNTIL IT DOESN’T – EVERY TIME.”


No way! I don’t share. 36% No, but I’m open to it. 31% Tried it. Didn’t work out. 15% Yes. I got a lotta love to go around. 18%

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