Have you ever attended a swingers night/sex club in Toronto like Wicked or the Oasis Aqua Lounge?

You told us... “It was hot having people watch. That said, the vinyl cushions on the bed were a bit of a turnoff, even though I know they’re necessary for cleanliness’s sake. But still, way too squeaky!” “Pussy Palace... it was a once-in-alifetime special night with another woman that may have to last me the rest of my life.” “The dudes at swingers events have been more respectful than any of the guys I’ve ever met at a bar. Am I going to shitty bars, or are guys just more polite when they’re getting laid on a regular basis?” “I have had some of the best oral sex ever at these venues.” “A BIG NAKED MESS. I REALLY DON’T REMEMBER MUCH ELSE, SORRY.”


Yes, I’m a regular. 4% Yes, I have been but I don’t make a habit of it. 13% No, and I wouldn’t. 32% No, but I’d be willing. 51%

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